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What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.

Chikmagalur Pincode / Post Office Search (CHICKMAGALUR, Karnataka)

Aldur S.O 577111ChikmagalurKarnataka
Amble B.O 577101ChikmagalurKarnataka
Anur B.O 577101ChikmagalurKarnataka
Attigundi B.O 577131ChikmagalurKarnataka
Avathi B.O 577101ChikmagalurKarnataka
Belavadi B.O 577146ChikmagalurKarnataka
Bidre B.O 577136ChikmagalurKarnataka
Bisagnimutt B.O 577131ChikmagalurKarnataka
Bogase B.O 577130ChikmagalurKarnataka
Chikmagalur Fort S.O 577101ChikmagalurKarnataka
Chikmagalur H.O 577101ChikmagalurKarnataka
Chikmagalur Market S.O 577101ChikmagalurKarnataka
Chikmagalur ZP S.O 577102ChikmagalurKarnataka
Eshwarahalli B.O 577146ChikmagalurKarnataka
Guddadamane B.O 577111ChikmagalurKarnataka
Gullanpet B.O 577111ChikmagalurKarnataka
Halasumane B.O 577133ChikmagalurKarnataka
Handi B.O 577111ChikmagalurKarnataka
Hangaravalli B.O 577111ChikmagalurKarnataka
Hirebyle S.O 577121ChikmagalurKarnataka
Hiregouza B.O 577168ChikmagalurKarnataka
Hirekolale B.O 577101ChikmagalurKarnataka
Hiremagalur B.O 577102ChikmagalurKarnataka
Hosahallipet B.O 577130ChikmagalurKarnataka
Huigere B.O 577160ChikmagalurKarnataka
Hulikere B.O 577168ChikmagalurKarnataka
Indavara B.O 577101ChikmagalurKarnataka
Jagara B.O 577130ChikmagalurKarnataka
Jakkanahalli B.O 577130ChikmagalurKarnataka
Jannagadde B.O 577136ChikmagalurKarnataka
Jodimachenahalli B.O 577146ChikmagalurKarnataka
Joldal B.O 577130ChikmagalurKarnataka
Kabbinahalli B.O 577101ChikmagalurKarnataka
Kadavanthi B.O 577136ChikmagalurKarnataka
Kaimara B.O 577131ChikmagalurKarnataka
Kalasapura S.O 577146ChikmagalurKarnataka
Kanathi B.O 577111ChikmagalurKarnataka
Karthikere B.O 577101ChikmagalurKarnataka
Kelagur B.O 577111ChikmagalurKarnataka
Kesavinamane B.O 577131ChikmagalurKarnataka
Kuduvalli B.O 577133ChikmagalurKarnataka
Kurubarabudihal B.O 577146ChikmagalurKarnataka
Kuruvangi B.O 577102ChikmagalurKarnataka
Lakkammanahalli B.O 577168ChikmagalurKarnataka
Lakya B.O 577168ChikmagalurKarnataka
Malalur(CKM) B.O 577133ChikmagalurKarnataka
Mallandur S.O 577130ChikmagalurKarnataka
Mallenahalli S.O 577131ChikmagalurKarnataka
Marle B.O 577101ChikmagalurKarnataka
Mugthihalli S.O 577133ChikmagalurKarnataka
Muguluvalli B.O 577101ChikmagalurKarnataka
Nagenahalli B.O 577168ChikmagalurKarnataka
Pandaavalli B.O 577131ChikmagalurKarnataka
Porterpet S.O 577101ChikmagalurKarnataka
Ramanahalli S.O 577101ChikmagalurKarnataka
Rampura B.O 577133ChikmagalurKarnataka
Sangameshwarapete S.O 577136ChikmagalurKarnataka
Santaveri S.O 577137ChikmagalurKarnataka
Sindigere B.O 577146ChikmagalurKarnataka
Sirvase B.O 577130ChikmagalurKarnataka
Siva R.S. B.O 577549ChikmagalurKarnataka
Uddeboranahalli S.O 577168ChikmagalurKarnataka
Vastare B.O 577133ChikmagalurKarnataka